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Empowering Women

The HZJK presents the #1 Women's Assault Prevention Course in Hawaii.

We offer this entire course in a single 4-hour afternoon class of intensive self-protection and assault prevention training.

The HZJK Women's Assault Prevention Course has been in continuous presentation at various martial art schools in the United States for more than 30 years.

This course is taught by Dr. Steve McLaughlin, with over 40 years Women's Assault Prevention and Self-Defense teaching experience.

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About Our Courses

The afternoon sessions consists of 30% lecture and discussion and 70% physical techniques.

Training is done in a controlled, safe, slow, environment until you can perform all of the techniques we teach you realistically.

You will learn how to assess, avoid and escape many situations.

You will learn how to settle feelings of fear and panic, use assertive voice control, a parking lot "field trip", and plenty of Self-Defense practice.

Still not convinced?  See what past student say about our course on the Testimonials page.

Sharilyn Writes...

The course yesterday was absolutely wonderful, empowering, fun, practical, and more than met my expectations.

Thank you so much for teaching such an amazing course, saving women's lives and being such an advocate for women's safety.

Every woman should take this course, and I will definitely be recommending it to every woman that I know.

I don't think any changes need to be made to the course.  It was perfect just the way it is, and I will definitely be signing up for a refresher course.

- Sharilyn


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